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Our Unique Law Firm SEO Marketing Process

About Legal Marketing For Law Firms

As an attorney, you are busy. You know the law. You are great at what you do. But you probably don’t know anything about law firm marketing. That’s okay. We do.

Is This You?

  • You’ve started your own practice. Congratulations! You have plenty to deal with right now. You want to succeed, but marketing is definitely not in your skillset. That’s why we exist.
  • You’ve been there and done that when it comes to SEO. There are good lawyers and not-so-good lawyers. The same holds true for digital marketers and other legal marketing firms.  Would you tell a client that they will win a multi-million-dollar case if you know they won’t? Neither do we. But some marketing professionals will sell you the moon without the knowledge to back it up. That’s why we exist.
  • Marketing makes your head swim. What is that SEO thing, anyway? How is it going to help your firm? Just like we don’t have the talent to practice law, you probably don’t have the knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. That’s why we exist.

Wherever you are in this legal marketing journey, we will meet you there and help you take charge.

Gone are the days when lawyers could rely on paid ads in print media. Even television advertising is hit or miss with networks no longer having the broad audience they once had. You know that. You know that the power of your advertising exposure for your firm lies in your internet real estate. But you may have no idea how it works or even how strategic law firm SEO marketing drives your rankings.

At BSP Legal Marketing, we have it covered.

Competition between law firms is fierce. When your potential clients are searching for legal advice or legal representation, where do they go first? Other than personal recommendations and word of mouth, they go to their friendly internet search engine. And this is where your law firm needs to appear, preferably on the top results.

Maybe your legal marketing was effective in the past as long as you were feeding it money, month after month. Good internet marketing gains momentum naturally, ie. “organically.” Digital marketing powers your page ranking with a holistic approach. Each piece of your website informs the other piece and communicates with outside sources to give it the additional authority it needs in the eyes of a search engine and end up in the top results.

Just like you are an authority on what you do, Google ranks your website with a similar kind of authority. This is what digital marketing builds on. BSP Legal Marketing’s team of legal firm marketing professionals understands the importance of good internet firm marketing. We will help you create content and design your website to help boost your presence online.

Contact us at (929) 362 – 641 today to learn more about our firm and how we can help.

Learn More about Law Firm SEO Marketing

How important is good internet legal firm marketing?


Here’s a fact: A recent study by BrightEdge, a leading internet marketing platform, shows that 53% of traffic to a website in 2019 resulted from an organic search. Paid internet marketing resulted in approximately 15%.


Each month, with each new strategy and every additional piece of information added to your law firm’s website, your web presence and brand gain strength like building muscle. The right internet marketing strategies will drive conversions for years to come, exponentially and organically. And the golden prize is appearing on the top results page of a search so potential clients can reach out to your firm easily.


Because here is another fact: 75 percent of new potential clients will never scroll to the second page of an internet search. As an attorney running a business, you simply can’t rely on spotty legal marketing that gets your firm on the second, third, or fourth page of a search because that’s not good enough.


Our unique proposition = All your online properties will be designed from the ground up with high-quality conversions and new clients in mind. Everything is done with an SEO-first approach.


Law Firm SEO 101


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a series of digital marketing practices that both increase the quantity and the quality of your internet exposure. This is very important for legal marketing.


  • Quantity — Increasing traffic to the website of law firms is fundamental. Good SEO attracts more search results. The more traffic to the site of law firms, the better.
  • Quality — But, as we all know, quantity does not always translate to quality. Good digital legal marketing ensures that you get the right traffic – the quality – to your law firm’s site. This is what leads to real conversions.


Organic Searches Vs. Paid Advertising


Although paid advertising for a legal firm has a time and place, organic searches are specifically meaningful to the context and needs of your client. This is what propels your internet authority, month after month, year after year. Paid advertising does not do this. When you stop paying, your internet exposure goes away.


What successful internet legal marketing does is establish you as an authority in your field that is better suited to potential clients than your competitors. Period.


Managing Your Marketing Expectations


Internet legal firm marketing is not immediate but it is worth it. Just like a case takes time to fully investigate and develop, so does digital marketing. Whereas a television ad may get some limited immediate results, internet legal firm marketing is a long-term commitment for your firm. It is planting a seed and nurturing it, watching it grow, giving it the right nutrients, and removing the weeds. The right internet legal firm marketing today will potentially drive business to your law firm for the next decade. Can you think of any other advertising that can say that?


Your Digital Presence: SEO or Ads?


Digital advertising is the present and the future, regardless of whether you sell a product or provide a service. Your clients are searching the web for legal services the same way they are looking for the best pizza or a good laptop.


Paid advertising, pay-per-click models, email marketing, and social media marketing might help with some things. If you are placed in the right place at the right time, you might get immediate results, providing clients with the content they are looking for at that moment. With SEO marketing, you are there whenever they need you.


Paid digital advertising is like renting an apartment. As long as you pay rent, you can live there. The minute you don’t pay that rent, out you go, no looking back.


Internet Marketing with SEO is like building a house. You pour a good foundation, you put up sturdy walls, and install a solid roof system. You maintain the systems inside periodically. That house, if you perform maintenance and upgrades periodically, will be standing for decades to come. SEO is an investment, just like that house.


Paid advertising may be more immediate but more expensive in the long run. Organic online legal marketing demands a bit of patience, good practices, and updated strategies and content, but it will be less expensive and offer far more longevity.


At BSP Marketing, we can provide both fine-tuned paid advertising approaches and skillful SEO. our team of legal firm marketing professionals understands what types of content will work for your website and help you ensure that Google will give your firm a boost for your potential new clients to find you. Call us today at (929) 362 – 641 to know more about how we can help your business.

The Phases Of Digital Marketing For Your Law Firm

At BSP, we take a practical and measured approach to your digital legal marketing from the ground up.

The First Phase is A Full Assessment of Your Law Firm Website and Your Google My Business Listing

As an attorney, your most powerful internet properties are your law firm’s website and your Google My Business Listing. These are your internet identity. Both your website and your GMB page are very different so we take time to update and analyze them differently.

We thoroughly analyze your existing law firm’s website.

  • We will do a complete site audit and review the text and features of the site.
  • We will then look at your speed and your background coding to determine if technical issues are inhibiting your site from ranking.
  • We check your content to see if it’s written in a way that appeals to the user as well as concisely explains to the search engine what the website is about. The clearer your online information is to the search engine, the higher your ranking. Unfortunately, most websites for attorneys are designed for looks, not for web rankings.

Your Google My Business listing is your next most important online property, generating local clients in your own backyard.

We examine your listing to make sure that it is set up to be recognized by search engines, ensuring that categories, descriptions, posts, and online review options are set up correctly and consistently. Although this sounds simple, even the slightest mistake can make you virtually invisible to searches.


Next, we analyze your competition. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Their success can provide us with valuable insight and their failures can provide us with great opportunities to fill in those gaps.


We then take a good look at what your customers are looking for and the way they are searching. Customer-specific keywords and search terms inform your content and offer the most return on investment. Are you optimized for all media?


Fact: over half of all searches take place on a mobile device.


We ensure that if your clients are searching for your services, you will be found, no matter what device they are using.


Finally, we share all the data with you. You get a comprehensive report of our findings and suggestions with a thorough marketing assessment report.


In this report, you will get a clear picture of your website reach, your Google My Business page, your competition, your opportunities, and the gaps that should be attended to. This report gives you and us crucial information so we can optimize your site and GMB listing into client-generating machines.


The Second Phase of Legal Marketing is Implementation.


This is where we get down to work.


  • We will resolve any of your current technical issues, remove any bad links, optimize your speed, your user-friendliness, and redesign your site, if necessary.
  • We will then optimize your Google My Business listing to ensure that your bread and butter — local searchers — see it when they are conducting a search.
  • We will begin to create new and unique content for your law firm’s website, writing informative, keyword-driven service pages, articles, and blog posts with supportive video marketing, infographics, and press releases.
  • Your unique information will be supported by reputable and authoritative information and data.
  • Backlinks — or links back to your site — will be accomplished through well-known blogging and press release platforms.
  • We submit your company information to large, industry-known aggregators to ensure that your main information (name, address, phone number) is consistent for all of your online real estate.


Fact: Computers rely on consistent information. Google, as a series of computer algorithms, relies on consistency to make connections between all your internet properties and grow your exposure, so this consistency is critical.


  • We also help you build a strong local presence by listing your law firm in directories that have immense search engine authority — called citation-building — to increase your authority, and exposure, and often offer online reviews.
  • We continue to observe and follow up with opportunities to keep you at the top of search engine results pages. We continually monitor your progress, add new, engaging information, and reverse engineer what your competitors are doing. The goal? Keeping you #1 and your website attracting new clients. Each month, we provide you with a complete report of your progress so you can see the value of our law firm’s marketing strategies.
Additional Info

FAQs about Online Law Firm Marketing

Do you still have more questions? Fortunately, we have more answers!


How will you help me stand out from my competition?


Search engines run on site authority. This is where Google makes user experience priority number one. The more critical, authoritative, and engaging your information, the more you stand out from your competition.


The legal field is a crowded place. We make sure that your new clients will find your expert resources when they need it most.


Why do I need a Google My Business listing?


Google My Business is a powerful tool for local online exposure. As an attorney, you want to focus on local clients, not ones across the country. With a Google My Business listing, searchers can bring up your address and location on Google Maps, your hours of business, your telephone number, and associated website. A well-optimized Google My Business listing gets you front and center with the clients in your own backyard.


How long will my SEO take to be effective?


This depends on many things.


How old is your site? Has it been penalized before? How much clean-up is needed to get it search-engine compliant?


Once we clean up site issues, we will get you well on your way to getting recognized and indexed. But search engines have their own unique timelines and internal rules. Getting indexed and on page one will be a journey that takes time and patience.


Which should I concentrate on first, paid internet advertising or organic SEO?


You want your marketing dollars to be spent wisely. Although paid advertising can get you seen, there is no guarantee your ad will show up on the first page of Google. And paid advertising without the infrastructure of a strong website is often a waste of good money.


In a competitive industry such as the legal industry, taking your time to invest in solid online law firm marketing in the beginning sets you up for a strong showing no matter how much competitive advertising there is.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness with the greatest return on investment, strong organic digital marketing wins every single time.


How can I compete as a solo practitioner?


According to the 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report produced by the American Bar Association, 43 percent of small solo practitioners have no website and no online presence. Part of this may be attributed to a lack of resources but another part is that solo practitioners rely on managing their own marketing whereas a larger firm will often have a full internal marketing staff.


You don’t need to have a full marketing staff with us on the job. A solo practitioner can be just as competitive as a large firm with proper marketing strategies in place. We know how to keep your law firm viable and competitive in the industry no matter your size.


Where are you based?


BSP Marketing is based in the United States. That is an important distinction. Many digital marketers are based abroad and have staff who are not native English speaking writers. Digesting the law is difficult enough for most people but relying on marketers who are located outside the country leaves a lot of exposure for misinformation.


At BSP Marketing, we know that these are not translations that work well, either literally or figuratively.  We never outsource key work outside the United States.


Why You Need an Experienced Law Firm Marketing Strategist


For many law firms, the reliance on old-fashioned media and billboards is heavy while digital marketing is often put on the back burner. In today’s digital landscape, this is not a good strategy.


Having a talented digital law firm marketing professional on your side can ensure that your clients find you today and in the future.


At BSP Marketing, we take a highly personalized and customized approach to your online identity. Partnering with us will help boost your rankings, improve your visibility, and lead to the traffic and conversions you need to stay competitive today and years into the future.


What Can You Expect Working With Us?


Internet law firm marketing the right way takes time and diligence, the same things you offer your clients.


At BSP Marketing, we use time-honored, industry-proven techniques and tricks to get you quick results to help your clients find you when they need you most. As New York City-based SEO professionals, we help make your law firm stand out from the crowd. Call us to learn more.

The Team You Need for Effective Legal Marketing

At BSP Marketing, we use time-honored, industry-proven techniques and tricks to get you quick results to help your clients find you when they need you most. As New York City-based SEO professionals, we help make your law firm stand out from the crowd. Call us at (929) 362 – 641 to learn more about us and how we can help.