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The website was first put online in 2001. The web author of was James Stanford. The purpose of the website was to serve as an information board or directory about the city of McAlester. History of The was a website that contained various information about the City of McAlester. On the […] Domain History launched its online business directory in September of 2001. Toernmeon was published for advertising purposes and as an online shop for different products. The website is in the German language, but there is an option for you to translate it into English. On the landing page, you will find information on various topics. You […]

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In 1997, The Star of Louisville started this site. The website was designed and developed by Internet Services.  The Star of Louisville was a yacht-style dinner cruise ship that offered relaxation and enjoyment. The launch of the website was to attract customers. On its site landing page were several options you can find, such […]