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While there are many SEO companies and website marketing agencies out there, there are very few who really understand legal marketing, particularly for the small and medium-sized law firms. The legal industry is intensely competitive. While the big firms often have internal marketing departments, the small firm or solo practitioner doesn’t have the time or inclination to devote to internet marketing. But in the digital age, the majority of your potential new clients will find you online.

That’s where we come in. 

BSPE Legal Marketing was started by Viktoria Altman, who is a serial entrepreneur and a former paralegal. As a successful entrepreneur she understood what it takes to start a small business – but more importantly what helps a small business succeed.  Wearing all the hats can be exhausting but it is often one of the things that fuel the entrepreneurial spirit. However, when it came time to find someone to handle her latest companies’ SEO, it was difficult to find an expert who really understood the work, could deliver top notch service, but do so at a reasonable price. Instead, she found a lot of expensive companies, poorly qualified freelancers, plenty of agencies willing to offer attractive reports, and little in the way of any real returns. Armed with the understanding that SEO is necessary to compete with big companies, she decided to learn the skill herself.

Viktoria fell in love with the technology and the scientific process required to stay at the top of the SEO game.  Eventually she decided to help other small business owners reap the benefits of SEO.  With a background as a paralegal and many attorney friends, she reached out to her network.  

Thus, BSPE Legal Marketing was born.

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At BSPE Legal Marketing, we know what it means to wear all the hats. We’ve been there. We understand the solo practitioner and small firm owner who needs to be competitive in the vast digital landscape. Consider us your full-service marketing department with none of the overhead. 

What do we offer? We know the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization, and we know how to get you in front of the very people who will become your future clients. You are more than a series of digital metrics. We deal in real client conversions, real phone calls, not just “visitors” and “rankings.” 

Just like you don’t speak legalese to your clients, we don’t speak tech to impress you. You have devoted years of blood, sweat, and tears to become the attorney you are, and you don’t need to impress with jargon. Neither do we. It’s very simple. You deserve to stand out. We can do that for you.

BSPE Legal Marketing beach clean up volunteer day.

Digital marketing is not rocket science. You need an optimized, clean, simple website that visually wows and converts across all devices quickly and seamlessly. You need informative, highly relevant, unique, and constantly updated content. You need all your digital real estate to reflect the same consistent information. You need an optimized and updated Google My Business page to attract the clients in your own backyard. And you need someone who is supporting your digital identity all the time to ensure that things stay on the right track. No, not rocket science, but it does require constant fine-tuning and time. Time you don’t have.

At BSPE Legal Marketing, we take the time. We take the time to understand you and your needs, your ideal client, and your personal style. And then, we take this information and develop the best digital strategies for you, your firm, and your potential new clients. The result? We don’t get good results. We get change-the-course-of-your-practice results. It’s our obsession with being the best that makes you look good and stand out from the crowd in an industry that gets more competitive each passing day. Let us do change your practice for the better – helping lawyers get to the top, one google search at a time.

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