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Our team doesn’t have a J.D. and you probably don’t know much about search engine optimization. Herein lies what business relationships are all about. Since no one can be an authority on every topic, we rely on experts in other areas to support us and to help us grow. At BSPE Legal Marketing, we have chosen to become an authority on SEO in Houston, TX.

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Houston, Texas Is A Competitive Market For Lawyers

As a Houston, Texas attorney, you already understand that competition between lawyers is intense. And you know that expanding your legal practice means getting in front of the right people at the right time. That exposure is the single most important thing that brings clients to your door.

In today’s internet-driven society, a lot of this exposure will come in the form of a Google search. As millennials become older, as older generations become more computer literate, and as traditional media is receding, search engine optimization represents your competitive advantage over other lawyers.

We are Houston’s top-rated legal advertising professionals who understand our current virtual landscape and how to direct business to your digital front door with industry-tested strategies. Whether you are a one-person legal practice on a tight budget or a large law firm that is in need of skilled lawyer marketing, getting the right Search Engine Optimization strategy in place is key to accomplishing your long-term and short-term business goals. To learn more about how we may be able to help Houston attorneys call us at (929) 362-6419.

But Really, Is SEO That Important for a Lawyer?

According to a study by the National Law Review, 96 percent of individuals seeking an attorney or legal advice will use an online search, with about 74 percent moving on to the website of an attorney for further action. Moving forward what users find on that search is good, solid search engine optimization practices.


Are your potential clients finding your Houston law firm – or your competition?

Keetick L. Sanchez
Personal Injury Attorney

Viktoria can be described in three words. SEO Wonder Woman!! Her dedication to her clients are superb. Her and her team are hard-working, knowledgeable, and highly responsive. It has been the best money I’ve spent so far on my business. I have gained a great business asset as well a friend.

What Can Well Executed Legal Marketing Do For Your Practice?

As your SEO strategists, we focus on several key areas.

● Our team develops and optimizes the website of your law firm from the ground up into an around-the-clock client-generating machine.

● We expand your online properties beyond your website with multiple fully-optimized Google My Business listings and masterful citation and link-building service. It is here that we literally place you ahead of your competitors.

● We create original, engaging, keyword-driven content such as money pages, press releases, blog posts, and articles. In addition, we utilize the power of social media to drive both people to the website of your law firm.

● We research your competitors to see where they excel – and study where they drop the ball. We then take your competition’s best ideas and make them better.

● We track, measure, and analyze your data to ensure that you stay at the top.

As marketing professionals, we understand the importance of being at the top of the results when people are looking for Houston lawyers. We can help you make that happen for your Houston law firm.

Call us today at (929) 362-6419 to speak with a skilled Houston, Texas law firm marketing professionals.

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How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a series of highly technical online methods that let a search engine find your business, understand what you do for a living, where you are, and how relevant you are to their users. When it comes to Google, user relevance is the most essential factor in how the search engine will rank your website.

High-Quality Internet Marketing for a Houston Law Firm Does Two Things:

● It broadens the number of potential clients that your law office can reach

● SEO distills those potential clients further into high-quality leads or conversions


Your website’s authority increases with each new piece of content added. The larger your web of authority, the more importance Google assigns your website. This, in turn, improves your website rankings and boosts your online presence. Thus, organic or natural” SEO enables your online property to build on itself and connect to other well-regarded websites to support your improving authority.

How Important Is the Website User Experience?

We often create a new design to grab attention that works on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Your website should be attractive and simple to use. Your  website will often be the first thing a prospective client visits. Therefore, it is important to make an impression by designing a beautiful site.

A website could be the difference between success or failure for someone looking for a lawyer. Don’t let your competition get ahead of you if your website is difficult to use, boring or unintuitive. This is where skilled website marketing comes in.

Tom Butcher
Bankruptcy Attorney

Viktoria is one of those amazing people who can work miracles. I can attest to this first hand. She is professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to problem solve and implement some solutions I was having with my SEO/website for my business. I hold Viktoria in the highest esteem. Thank you, always!

What Is the Cost of SEO Services for a Law Firm?

Good internet marketing in Houston is an investment for your law firm’s future. Our clients are able to rank at the top of Google for any search that is relevant to them and their location. Online marketing is more effective than phonebook advertising. 

Because you can pinpoint your target audience, and connect easily with people who already search for your services online, it makes marketing more efficient than any other type of marketing.

The price of these services will depend on the extent of your campaign. SEO is a process that takes effort and time. However, effective online marketing can make the difference between success and failure.

Call us today at (929) 362-6419 to learn more about marketing for your law firm.

Where Do Paid Ads Fit In?

Most attorneys and legal practitioners already understand paid law firm marketing. Long before the growth of internet marketing, paid ads were how you found prospective clients. In internet marketing, there is still a place for paid ads.

Paid digital ads in tandem with organic law firm SEO marketing may be a good way to combine your firm’s marketing immediate and long-term objectives.

Because paid advertising is quick you can quickly grow your client base using paid ads. With SEO, over time, more clients will find you online. This way you can quickly expand your law firm while making sure your business is prepared for long-term success. Think of paid advertising like renting a condo and SEO like building your own house.

Search Engine Optimization is a holistic approach and expenditure with long-lasting objectives in mind. It builds on itself and enables your clients to find you when they need you most via a web search. The very best thing about good law firm natural search engine optimization marketing in Houston, Texas is that internet marketing has the capability to drive clients to your door for years in the future. Absolutely no paid advertising will do that for you.

Who We Are

At BSPE Legal Marketing we are, a full-service digital marketing agency devoted to serving top Houston, Texas law firms. We know, understand, and love law firm marketing and SEO. And more importantly, our results speak for themselves. For a case study or to speak with a marketing professional for your Houston law firm, contact us today at (929) 362-6419.
Christine Matus
Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorney

I have been working with Viktoria to help me with my website and SEO. Little did I know that not only does she have extensive experience in these areas but she is so well versed in other aspects of internet tools to increase awareness of my firm and brand. She is a complete package if you need to increase traffic to you, increase leads and sales. I highly recommend her!

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