Criminal Attorney Solo Practitioner Increases Their Calls 600% in One Year

Client: A criminal attorney in New York City.

Summary: This criminal attorney is a solo practitioner in a suburban area of New York.   They came to us in 2021, as they were dissatisfied with their previous marketing agency.  The attorney shared with us that they got no calls from search engines, and their entire practice was built around referrals. This source of clients was unstable and made it difficult to continue to grow the practice.  

The client was sharing an office with another, much larger law firm.  Since Google doesn’t like office shares (possum filter), we knew it may take some work to get this client ranking.  

Due to this environment, we initially focused on narrow areas of the law – general criminal and DUI.  We began their campaign by reaching out to old clients, asking them to add reviews to the Google My Business Listing. This resulted in quick GMB gains.  We also rebranded the client, including major keywords as part of their brand, thereby allowing us to see some quick gains on the GMB.  

The client had some major legal citations set up and optimized, but did not have a lot of general citations.  We began a citation campaign.  Meanwhile, we re-wrote just the key pages on the site.  Asking the client to shoot new pictures helped us to redesign a website with the target audience in mind.  The growth of the website took a little bit of time, but the client was getting calls from the Google My Business listing pretty quickly.  After a strong set of press releases, traffic began to climb, and we began to add new practice areas. In addition, we were able to create some blog posts that resulted in big traffic gains and increase in traffic authority.  The client remains satisfied, and is available to provide a reference, upon request.

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