An Estate Planning Law Firm in New Jersey Grows more than 30% a year for 3 years.

Client: A New Jersey Based estate planning law firm. Two lawyers, including one founder. Six support staff, two locations.

Summary: When they came to us, this small but very reputable law firm in New Jersey got its clients primarily through word of mouth.  Although they had worked with a marketing agency for well over 3 years, they did not see any calls from Google.  

We evaluated the site, and noticed several issues.  The pages and blog posts on the site did not seem to be focused on any specific search goal.  While well written, the more than 300 blog posts did not serve the client, as they did not bring in any traffic.  The pages had too few keywords to rank.  The website’s layout was difficult to navigate.  The website speed was slow, and it was difficult to use on mobile.  

We began by redesigning the website to a more user friendly layout.  Following the client’s guidance, the marketing associate at the law firm created attractive visuals to be used as headers through the site.  We streamlined the navigation and added an easy to use menu.  

The old pages were too general too rank well in a competitive market.  Instead, we created new pages (one for each distinct practice area, such as the guardianship page, the living trust page, the medicaid planning page, and so on).  We also began to revise the existing blog posts, optimizing them for key terms, adding backlinks and social proof.  As a result, both new pages and blog posts quickly began to rank, resulting in new client calls. 

We also optimized the client’s Google My Business listing, and encouraged the client to get more reviews.  This significantly expanded the client’s area of coverage, resulting in far more calls from the Google My Business listing then previously. 

( Grid covers 5.6 square miles. Number in circle represents the ranking in Google My Business coverage )

Before ( November 1, 2021 )

After ( November 20, 2023 )

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