An Established New York City Real Estate Attorney Grows with the Help of a Solid Marketing Plan

Client: A real estate attorney in New York City, specializing in high end real estate purchases.

Summary: When the client came to us, they already had a well ranking site and Google My Business Listing. However, we noticed that most of the traffic to the site was from blog posts created by the attorneys at the firm.  Little traffic was coming to the highest converting pages.  The Google My Business listing was also prominent, but could become even more so with cleanup of citations and build up of new citation and social media.

We began by asking the client to get new pictures, in order to update the client’s visuals.  They had grown rapidly in the last few years and a lot of new staff members were added to the firm, but they did not appear on the site.  The photos featured the entire staff prominently on New York City streets.  We redesigned the site for simplicity and conversion optimization.

We conducted a citation audit and found that the client’s old address appeared in some citations.  We fixed those citations and created new ones, thus creating a better profile for the Google My Business listing.  

For the website, we focused on creating multiple pages that would be high converting and would comply with Google’s SEO guidelines.  In addition we optimized old blog posts and created new ones.  As a result of this work, the client’s traffic increased significantly, resulting in more than 20% year over year growth in calls.

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