Google Leak Insights for Small Business Owners

  • NavBoost and Click Data: Google uses data on how often people click on your site and how long they stay to rank search results. Example: If visitors frequently click on your website and spend time browsing, your site could rank higher. Encourage visitors to stay longer by providing engaging content and clear navigation. Adding videos, attractive images, commonly asked questions and other interactive media can also help.
  • Chrome Browser Clickstreams: Google tracks user behavior through its Chrome browser to refine search results. Example: Improving user experience on your website can positively impact your ranking. Ensure your site is easy to navigate and loads quickly. Use to check your websites loading speed and mobile friendliness. Test your website on Chrome when designing.
  • PageRank Evolution: Google uses an updated version of PageRank, which is a system to rank websites based on their importance. Example: Building quality backlinks (links from other reputable sites) to your site can improve its importance and ranking.Get featured on local business directories and news sites to build quality backlinks.
  • Content Tokenization and Truncation: Google prefers key information to appear early in your content. Example: Ensure important details about your products or services are at the beginning of your web pages and articles.
  • Short Content Originality: Original, useful short content can perform well. Example: Writing brief, unique blog posts or product descriptions can still help your site rank well, as long as the content is valuable.
  • Title and Date Importance: Google values relevant titles and up-to-date content. Example: Regularly update your website with current information and use descriptive, keyword-rich titles for your pages.
  • Re-ranking Systems (Twiddlers): Google adjusts search rankings just before displaying results. Example: Continuously improving your site’s content and user experience can help maintain or boost your ranking over time.
  • Disavow Data Absence: Google’s main ranking system doesn’t heavily consider disavow tools (tools to reject bad backlinks). Example: Focus on acquiring good backlinks rather than worrying too much about disavowing bad ones.
Note, this blog will be updated as we get more information. Bookmark us to get the latest data.

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