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Our team doesn’t have a Juris Doctorate and you probably don’t know much about SEO. And this is what business relationships are all about. We rely on authorities in other fields to support us and help us grow because each of us can’t be an authority on everything.

At BSPE Legal Marketing, we have chosen to be an authority on SEO. If you are looking for more info or solutions for marketing your Chicago law firm, we may be able to help.Call us today at  (312) 820 3772 to learn more about how we can help promote your law firm.

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Chicago Is A Competitive Market For An Attorney Offering Legal Services

As a Chicago attorney, you already understand that your competition is intense. And you know that expanding your law practice means getting in front of the right clients at the right time. You know that exposure is the single most important thing that brings new clients to your office.

In today’s technology-driven society, a lot of this exposure will come via a Google search. As millennials become older, as older generations become more computer savvy, as traditional media is receding, search engine optimization represents your competitive advantage.

We are experienced Chicago internet marketing professionals who understand our current digital landscape and how to direct new clients to your digital doorstep with industry-tested techniques and strategies. No matter if you are a solo practitioner on a tight budget or a large firm that is in need of a marketing tune-up, having the right SEO practices in place is key to achieving your short-term and long-term business goals. Call us today to learn more about law firm seo and our services.

But Really, Is SEO That Necessary?

You don’t need to believe us, but according to the National Law Review, 96 percent of people seeking legal advice will use a search engine. 74 percent  of this number will be moving on to a firm’s website for additional action. Propelling what your potential clients find on that search is good, solid search engine optimization. To put it another way, an internet search is how your potential clients are searching for you and your legal services.


Are they finding you – or your competitors?

Tom Butcher
Bankruptcy Attorney

Viktoria is one of those amazing people who can work miracles. I can attest to this first hand. She is professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to problem solve and implement some solutions I was having with my SEO/website for my business. I hold Viktoria in the highest esteem. Thank you, always!

What Can SEO Marketing Do For Your Illinois Firm?

When it comes to executing your virtual law firm marketing Chicago, we focus on several key areas.

● We develop and optimize your website into a 24/7 client-generating machine.

● We expand your internet properties beyond your website with several fully-optimized Google My Business listings and masterful citation and link-building service. It is here that we quite literally place you ahead of your competition.

● We create original and engaging, keyword-driven content such as landing pages, press releases, blog posts, and articles. In addition, we use the power of social media to drive both people to your website.

● We research your competitors to see what they do well – and where they drop the ball. We then take your competition’s best ideas and make them better.

● We monitor, assess, and evaluate your data to ensure that you are staying at the top.

BSPE Legal Marketing has a team of legal marketing professionals who understand seo well. We work hard to help law firms’ websites gain more visibility for potential clients. If you are looking for an experienced law firm marketing, we can help.

Contact us today at (312) 820 3772 to learn more about how we can help rank up your website.

How Does SEO Work for Legal Marketing?

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a series of highly technical digital methods that allow a search engine to find your business, comprehend who you are, where you are, and how relevant you are to their users. , with Google, user relevance is the number one factor of how they will rank your website.

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High-quality law firm internet marketing in Chicago does two things well:


● It broadens the quantity of potential clients that your practice can reach

● SEO distills those potential clients further into quality leads or conversions


Your site’s value expands exponentially, with each new strategy implementation and high-quality content addition.


The bigger your web of authority, the more importance Google gives your website. This, in turn, improves your page rankings.


Thus, “Organic” search engine optimization enables your online property to build on itself and connect to other well-regarded sites to support your improving authority.  For lots more on organic search and how it can benefit your firm, call today: (312) 820 3772.

Advertising Guidelines for Chicago Lawyers

Illinois has some the most friendly lawyer advertising guidelines in America, making it an ideal place to market your law practice. These are highlights from Rule 7.2 of Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

Chicago Lawyers are allowed to:

● Pay for advertising.

● Pay for referrals.

● Spend money on leads generation.

● Refer to other law firms and give or receive referrals (as long as the client is aware that they are being referred).

The state of Illinois has a wide advertising boundary that allows lawyers to:

● Inform the public about their services.

● Publicly list the client’s references (with their permission).

● Publicly list the names of clients with permission from the client.

Certifications of specialties are not recognized by the Supreme Court of Illinois. Therefore, lawyer’s websites should not say “we specialize in personal injuries law” or that “our family law experts can help you with your divorce.” Instead, it will be better to use terminology such as “our firm focuses in personal injury” or “we dedicated our practice towards helping families with matters such as divorce, child support and adoption”.

Illinois, unlike other states like New York allows a lawyer to use a trade name. This means that you don’t need to use traditional firm names, including those of attorneys.

BSPE Legal Marketing has a team of professionals who may be able to help you boost your law firm’s  online presence. Call us  today to learn more about how we can help you.

Christine Matus
Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorney

I have been working with Viktoria to help me with my website and SEO. Little did I know that not only does she have extensive experience in these areas but she is so well versed in other aspects of internet tools to increase awareness of my firm and brand. She is a complete package if you need to increase traffic to you, increase leads and sales. I highly recommend her!

What About Paid Ads?

Most attorneys understand paid law firm marketing. Before the explosion of internet marketing, paid ads were how you found your clients. And of course, is still a place for paid advertising.

In many cases, paid ads together with organic law firm search engine optimization is a great way to make your marketing work towards both long-term and immediate goals.

Because paid advertising is quick you can quickly grow your client base using paid ads. With SEO, over time, more potential clients will find you organically. In this way, you can quickly grow your law firm while making sure your business is prepared for success in the long run. You may wish to think of paid ads like renting an apartment and search engine optimization like building your own house.

SEO is a total technique and expenditure with long-term aims in mind. It builds on itself and enables your potential clients to find your law office when they need you most via an online search. The best thing about good legal natural search engine optimization marketing in Chicago is that internet marketing can steer potential clients to your office door for many years in the future. no paid advertising will do that for you.

Who We Are

BSPE Legal Marketing is a full-service internet marketing company devoted to serving top Chicago area law firms. We know, understand, and love legal SEO. And more importantly, our results speak for themselves. For a case study or to speak with a customer, contact us today (312) 820 3772.

Juan Luciano
Family Law Attorney

As a small business owner you want to hire a company and people who have your best interest in mind to promote your business. You want that person/company to take your success personal; as a challenge that they are determined to conquer. You want the person to care about your business as much as you do—and it's even better when they care even more. I found that company/person when I hired BSPE and Viktoria. BSPE demonstrated from the start that its primary focus was to promote my firm ahead of my competitors and she succeeded in doing so quickly. Viktoria is passionate about her work and she is competitive. She likes to win. I searched for SEO companies thoroughly. Viktoria delivered what she promised and my business is better for it.

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