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Viktoria Altman Discusses Law Firm Growth on LA Weekly

BSP Legal Marketing Presents
“While ads can work well, they are also much more expensive and stop working as soon as you stop paying,” explains Ms. Altman. “This is why SEO is a great bet, it is cheaper in the long run and tends to produce more high-quality calls” Read more

Legal Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Featured on

At BSPE Legal Marketing, Ms. Altman and her team of industry professionals understand a firm from the inside out, helping to hone a brand to reach the right clientele. As a business owner herself, she understands a business owner’s pain points and strives for strategic solutions to allow her clients to do what they do best-practice law. Read more

BSPE Legal Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Shares How and Why Businesses Should Use SEO on Chasing the Insights Podcast

NEW YORK CITY – SEO expert and the CEO of the New York law firm marketing agency BSPE Legal Marketing, Viktoria Altman, joined Chasing the Insights podcast host Vince Warnock to discuss how and why paying attention to SEO helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Being an entrepreneur herself Viktoria Altman knows not only how to start and grow a business...

Viktoria Altman On How And Why You Should Pay Attention To Seo

BSPE Legal Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Shares Powerful SEO Tips on Saturday Soundbite Podcast

NEW YORK CITY – SEO expert and the CEO of the New York law firm marketing agency BSPE Legal Marketing, Viktoria Altman, joined Saturday Soundbites podcast host Veronica V. Sopher to discuss successful legal marketing, small business marketing tips and much more. Read more

Law Firm Marketing Expert Viktoria Altman Discusses the “Cost of Success” on a Business Podcast with Anthony Gonzales

New York City, July 28, 2021 – The new episode of Anthony Gonzales’ the Cost of Success Podcast featuring law firm marketing expert and attorney advertising wizard Viktoria Altman is out on July 27. In ‘Immigrating from USSR and Building the American Dream’ episode Viktoria shares how to build new skills, grow income and gives practical tips on helping law...

Viktoria Altman Featured in Authority Magazine: Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO

“I think with the last venture I learned many things, and I hope I took these lessons with me in the future. The first thing is, don’t buy into your own PR. When I started my venture last time, I gained some success very quickly. In fact, I think I was in the black 5 months after opening — a...

Welcome the creative Viktoria Altman, SEO expert to Saturday Soundbites!

Viktoria Altman | Immigrating from USSR and Building the American Dream (DMT)


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