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In 1997, The Star of Louisville started this site. The website was designed and developed by Internet Services. 

The Star of Louisville was a yacht-style dinner cruise ship that offered relaxation and enjoyment. The launch of the website was to attract customers. On its site landing page were several options you can find, such as the ship details, calendar of events, celebrations and special occasions, corporate engagements and conventions, dockside banquets, cruise rates and schedules, reservations, and gift certificates. 

About Star of Louisville

The Star of Louisville was a cruise ship with three main decks, the main deck, the upper deck, and the Aloha deck. In the upper deck, you can sing along with the piano while viewing the historical markings along the Ohio River from inside the climate-controlled cabin. Meanwhile, in the upper deck, you will enjoy the live band or the DJ’s music. You can also order beverages from the bar while stepping outdoors and relaxing on the ship’s bow. The Aloha deck is a place on the ship where you can enjoy the summer’s sultry breezes. You can also see the banks of the Ohio River and you can even visit the Pilot House. The yacht-style dinner cruise ship docked at the wharf in the Port of Louisville, Kentucky. Marine Builders of Utica, built the Star and Starship Landing. On August 9, 1988, the Star was christened and its website was It was constructed of welded steel and was 130 feet long with a 35-foot beam and 6.5-foot draft. The ship was powered by 350 horsepower 6 cylinder Twin Cummins Diesel Engines. With a cruising speed of 9.5 knots and three 166 horsepower generators producing 100 kW each. 

The Star of Louisville had three observation decks and two enclosed dining decks. It was perfectly crafted to provide fine dining and entertainment in a festive cruise ship atmosphere, with an open-air promenade. The Star cruises approximately 12 miles round trip on the Ohio River for lunch cruises, and approximately 25 miles for dinner cruises. It had a maximum passenger capacity of 400 for standing cocktail cruises. The Star had 17 regular scheduled cruises each, all year round. The Star of Louisville was a place of relaxation and entertainment.

Sinking of the Star of Louisville

People have enjoyed and made a lot of memories with the Star of Louisville, so when it sank nine years ago, many were heartbroken.

When the Star of Louisville sank, many had witnessed it. A crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the ship submerged below the surface of the Ohio River. An open valve flooded the interior of the vessel’s room which caused it to submerge. It was said that a man intentionally harmed the ship. However, the accused firmly denied the accusation. 

For years, The Star of Louisville had impacted many people’s lives. It is part of history. People will never forget the experiences and memories and it will always be remembered as a place of relaxation, fun, and entertainment.  Due to the sinking the website is no longer active.

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