Domain History launched its online business directory in September of 2001. Toernmeon was published for advertising purposes and as an online shop for different products. The website is in the German language, but there is an option for you to translate it into English. On the landing page, you will find information on various topics. You can explore the different options on the website by clicking on whichever subject or details you want to know.

The History of Toernmeon

Toernmeon was a marketplace where you can find boats, boat rides, or sailing. The owner created the site for those who want to advertise and sell their vessels online. Also, Toernmeon offered boat rentals and equipment where you can purchase online. In addition, Toernmeon was also a site for boat enthusiasts who want to read interesting articles from well-known boat manufacturers. Not only that, on Toernmeon’s landing pages, you can find different information, such as news, forum, marketplace, archives, and many more. One of the many things Toermeon advertised was Usedom apartments in which you can book directly from the website. In, you can also find many different links that will lead to various websites that the website owner advertises, from second-hand boats, boat accessories, auctions, charters, forums, and travel reports.

Sailing and

Over the years, became a blog site where the articles were about sailing in distinct places in Europe. The site also had a shop that was mainly about sailing as well. Later on, Toernmeon became an attraction in Usedom, an island divided between Germany and Poland in the Baltic Sea. Toernmeon’s landing page offered sailing trips in the Usedom area to visitors or tourists. The sailing trips were best suited for newbies in sailing. There were several options you can try depending on the number of people in a group. The choices included a trial trip, day trip, or water and land party. For trial-trip which was approximately three hours for 3 euros, the maximum number of guests in the boat was five people. The day trip was around six hours for 60 euros. There was no limit to the number of people as long as they can all fit in the boat. But if you want a private trip, you can avail of it for 50 euros an hour, limited to only three hours. People can also enjoy the water and land party. The ride was from and to harbor Krummin, and there was no minimum number of participants. However, only a maximum of 10 was allowed.

Toernmeon evolved as years passed, from being a marketplace at first to a blog site, and now a website where you can book yacht trips in Usedom. It may have changed over time, but it was mainly about boats and sailing.

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