How Do I Advertise My Law Firm in 2021?

If you are a practicing lawyer in 2021, you probably already know the bad news. The legal field has been saturated for over a decade. And if your law practice is in a big city, you may have already felt the pinch of the competition. But by understanding law firm marketing in 2021, you can stay ahead and continue to grow your practice.

The Good Ole Days of Law Firm Marketing is Gone

You know the daytime television commercials, the billboards, the print ads. You may even dabble in these methods of legal marketing yourself. But how effective have they been in attracting new clients? There is a reason revenues from these law firm marketing efforts are down.

The New Way to Market Your Law Firm

As a regular consumer, where do you go when you have a question? If you are like most of us, you go to Google or one of the other search engines. And this is exactly where your potential clients go to find a lawyer.

The year is 2021, and your website is the new legal marketing. It’s critical to make it count. How do you do that?

New Marketing Efforts to Make Your Law Firm Website a Sales Tool

If you have put off having a professionally developed website, you are losing ground. Not only must your law practice show a professional face on the World Wide Web but potential clients must easily find it in Google search results. That means it needs to be fast, mobile-friendly, and search engine optimized.

Making an Investment in Law Firm SEO and Content Marketing

As a lawyer, you would never think not to budget for law firm marketing and advertising. In our digital age, that means budgeting for digital marketing and SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a set of strategies that ensures your website shows up on the first couple pages of search results on Google, Bing, or other search engines. How does that happen?

Your law firm website is not just all about looks. It needs to prove web authority to the search engines. Your content, or the information on your site, can tell a browser’s algorithms that you are the expert on your subject matter. The more authoritative and user-friendly your site, the better your website presence.

Local SEO, PPC, and Social Media, Oh My!

Besides your law firm’s website, there are several other law firm marketing strategies that can help you claim web presence and attract clients.

As a lawyer, you are a local business. You want to attract new clients in your own backyard and the immediate vicinity. Concentrating on local SEO legal marketing, such as claiming and optimizing your law firm’s Google My Business account, ensures that those clients find you. Having an optimized Google My Business listing is another way to attract new clients to your website and legal services.

PPC, or pay per click advertising, offers your law firm prime website exposure without relying on search results, right at the top of a search page. Pay per click is advertising that you pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. The caveat is that PPC can be on the expensive side, and the competition is still fierce. But the cost may be worth your website showing up at the very top of a search page.

Another lawyer marketing strategy that many lawyers and law firms often ignore is social media marketing. Social media may have been how we connected with friends and family members over the years but it has now grown into a strong legal marketing tool to get traffic to your website. Having a social media presence as a lawyer also puts a human face on your law firm and lets you connect directly with potential clients in meaningful ways.

Do You Need Help With Marketing Your Law Firm?

We thought you’d never ask. Helping lawyers and law practices get seen by potential clients is what we do. Regardless of your budget, we will look at your marketing goals and develop a solution for you. Contact us at BSPE Legal Marketing to find out how we can help you advertise your law firm in 2021…and beyond!

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